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My whole portion was you don’t deserve to win, you were an a—hole and a cheating backstabbing ho and you have a fake accent.” NEWS: Fave Talks Fatherhood, New TV Show Making things more tense was Cara’s ex was at the reunion, too, “giving [me] the death stare” the whole time.

At one point, Abram needed to excuse himself from filming because it all got to be too much. The fact that he got up and walked out, hey, he needed to take a break and get himself together and it’s a hard situation.

Really if he’s a bad person or did her wrong often, then why does she break up with him and then get mad over flirting.

This particular storyline begins with cara maria hooking up with former.

Unlike 99 percent of the girls who appear on , Cara Maria seems to have a spine, and she wasn't interested in staying with Abram once she got word of his misbehavior.

On her Facebook, she posted the following note in response to multiple questions about her relationship status: Because no one can seem to mind their own business and because Abram changed his relationship status and announced to the world that I did not support him in his recent criminal actions. Because he involved you people, strangers and friends, when I would rather stay silent and keep things personal between us. missing my man and counting the days to see him again. WHen I finally have internet access the first thing I see is the TMZ story.

Of course I am open to hearing his side…And this was done in MY own hometown.

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Now abram has joined the cast and the situation may come to ahead. If you feel another user is harassing you please message the mods.

The pit has two little rooms side by side, with furniture and a computer and pictures (including one of the bananas backpack! The challenge” returns to mtv in may for “rivals iii. Abram points out how stupidly vague plantains’s rambly “they spent some private time together, and maybe they had sex but maybe they also didn’t” reveal is, and also points out that he and plantains have never spoken before this exact second and therefore the whole thing feels coincidental. Even after the breakup she kept bashing him when he yet again tried to move on from her, which in turn made her fans do so as well.

The two had a serious breakthrough on the latest ‘challenge’ reunion.

I just do not agree with his actions and am very turned off by it.

Scroll down and check out his athletic body, short and/or medium blonde hairstyles & haircuts.


  1. Challenge Bloodlines' Stars Claim Cara Maria Hasn't Told The. dating longtime “Challenge” star Abram Boise. after show with Abram.

  2. Abram Boise, Actor The Relationship Killer. Abram Boise was born on January 30, 1983 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Abrahm Gabriel Boise. He is an actor, known.

  3. Abram Boise was born on January 30, 1983 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Abrahm Gabriel Boise. He is an actor, known for The Challenge 1998, Road.

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