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It includes a detailed description of a wide variety of voice experiences, an overview of theories which attempt to explain why they occur and a comprehensive set of practical strategies for dealing with unwanted or disturbing voices. This belief in the pathology of hearing voices underpins the diagnostic systems of psychology and psychiatry and most forms of treatment.

Hearing Voices, however, would appear to be far more common than often believed.

I agree that this information could aid criminal actions, but those who would perform them would know/find other sources for the information.Lisa Blackman has written an important book that bears directly on some of the central assumptions of psychology and psychiatry and questions our understanding of ourselves as rational autonomous human beings. Hoffman MD in the American Journal of Psychiatry, 172, November 2003 About the Author Lisa Blackman is Lecturer in the Psychology of Communications, Goldsmiths College, University of London. Through six cases of historical and contemporary voice-hearers.Leudar assisted with some contributory chapters by psychiatrist Philip Thomas demonstrates how the direct experience has been changed from being a sign of virtue to being a sign of insanity, signaling ‘psychosis’ or ‘schizoprenia’.For this reason, this book is also of fundamental value for the persons who hear voices, for their family and friends. Dr Sandra Escher and Dr Marius Romme (2010) PCCS Books This is a unique, innovative book providing support and practical solutions for the experience of hearing voices.It is also necessary reading for any person interested in this innovating therapeutic avant-garde approach because the Hearing Voices Movement is one of social liberation.” – Manuel González de Chávez, From the Foreword. It is in two parts, one part for voice-hearing children, the other for parents and adult carers.Leudar asks the question if the experience should be taken out of the hands of psychiatry and rehabilitated as a normal, although uncommon human experience.by Phil Thomas, Free Association Books, 1997 Philip Thomas argues that the most fundamental problem presented to those who suffer from schizophrenia – that their experiences are not ‘understandable’ – arises through psychiatrists’ over-reliance on a flawed interpretation of nineteenth century phenomenology.To order, write to: Mouvement Les Sans-Voix, Case postale, 235, CH – 1211, Geneve 17 or email Theresa Krummenacher [email protected] 2500 supporters and counting!Join us - pledge your support to Intervoice's values and help stop the stigma and discrimination surrounding hearing voices.This book gives a comprehensive overview about the experience of hearing voices by taking into account what voice hearers say and how they cope with their voices. by Paul Baker, Mouvement Les Sans-Voix/Association Ecrivains, Poetes & Cie, 1999 French language translation of the introductory booklet to hearing voices, “The Voice inside” by Paul Baker.Published by the Mouvement Les Sans-Voix/Association Ecrivains, Poetes & Cie, Geneve, ISBN 2-88462-038-9.


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