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baa baa« i|ipoiolad Cbairman of the Pnb Heitv Ba^an for tba Dem ocratie Bute Cam^in. he mual abevt luinaelf ahle ami willing to carry oat ihe work for whi ID NOT VOTE on tbia bil L Bvery other damoerat fiwn Kant BChjr voted for it except Sharley. I where there i* a lar&e foieig* papula- tion, and who voted againat it. It baa been and will bo my policy to put the campaign in tbo haoda of the poopia, and Ika olacliua of Campaiiin chairma B of aaali ooi Mty by tlm local a— ittao raaabai aloaar to liw paupia tban any otiwr plan.

number of hor Ke* that ha* *»er all.■ .ountv fair in the Hlue Graa* » i l lv . Wby la it that BATSON b WEST M* elaaa Md faaaagy paaaad bia SUla WALTOR Cal W. Wa MA fataar Id Nar of tba Lasiacton Oataoer M and lfe| Praah Hart State Joomai. The I'li-snlei 1 i„ Srn m lu- stand that if the Kirat Cln, f |ri-, t- m our wiih- drawal. Lt d v^lluh tli Llnt lltulitt^c llof i\li'.• oiia-iatii i'artv ^\ill lie luilv iei.'ot;i.iz«d and will share in tiie ho ' ul ttie graol mt K9 wk M ia aliead ol us. We waive all this and put it or purely business Kruunds.

who hriug to tbem nil sorta and ruudttlons of old and ttgly I pie.

1 c Ttainly wuul'l not in- sult tli.- patiiotisin of the \, iters of (ieriliaii descent In ev. 'hn(^ that any pro|airliun ol lliuni in keiilucky exiiertedtoyotalbo Ropo Wiean ticket 1*'""" ^: " i^"*' - i".,-... s in ;,a Pite,| siii i mer furulxhlntts uor yet to invest onr money In dieap famliura that lacbiap ly built In Imitation of ibe better tbiui:, what aball we do alwiit it? do for ouraelvoa nnd by oiirsel Tee If lui 'N lie and aa i Mi St we can vrliat a isroup of det'onilors are dolii L' for a sleaillly ;:rouhi K cllenllple.

-t will the hit lei \ 1 in November, when every vote ii,ji , needed in the district, and is sure i . I know many of these men and tbey ara aa p Hlriotic as any class of uur citizens i week, ai.d I Certainly expect the sup|»irt of those who have be,.n Democrats hereto- fore iind of tliosi- who love the flag of the Stars and Si I ipes bett'.r ihan any other Ilai;. Madisoii ( , i:r Italian peoaantl .\nd as for the n st ,it ux, whu can neither afford to g iy for the Diiesi of ijiiallty and w orki Maiislilp pins the amartcsi ,.f smart 11. Mr and Mis Cantrill and little aon Siinibiv m Louisville with reta- 1 1\ t-s ami f I lend K.

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of isu at Ika Unlvvrrity of Loui* Your atlriiiion ia eailad to thr ail- villni g UITK au niaai Me U • paaad aiiead. haa been ap- pointoil to ■ linr (iovernment poaition on tlo' I'anama raiial. Aa inapoatlon af tba Congnnlonal Raeord abowa tbat Mr.

Wide experience a* an fact that h.' aerved in ine aam* pacily under Chainpan Ca«dan, roakr- hmi a valuaaia ma»for i Ma taipaatani portltlon HOW HBIM HAS UPHELD THE HANDS OF THE PRESIDENT. When the bill to repeal a proviaion the I'anama Canal lolla act exempt- ing ve Haela enitaged in coaatwiae trade ot the I'. In other wurda 1 wpaot to IM the aervaiit uf ti M local Cammltlooa, and niiht here let me aav, ti Mt 1 expect the local Cuininitteea tu abaro tbo repreciate aug- aestiona from any Democrat in the atate and alao welcome eritieiam made for the purpoaa of giving force and \', , , m ...

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