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Anderson cooper dating anyone

I know he used to shower at the gym, but not really anymore. Same locker room recently have seen Marc Jacobs and Jerry O'Connell since he is doing a play here in NYC. Honestly, it's not like I said I had sex with Anderson.Anyone who works out at David Barton could have seen this.Anderson is about 5 feet 8 or 5 feet 9 and he was walking past me because they were having a charity flea market for this dog chaity; it will be on the air next week.

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Plus the price was excellent(free, of course.)Anyway Anderson's audience is filled with some very good looking young men. Plus a lot of New Yorkers who are either retired or (like me) unfortunately unemployed. I am not sure if Anderson used to change with a towel or not. Anderson was teasing him a bit with a workout top that I think he thought smelled bad, i.e. I have however seen Ethan Hawke's cock years ago in the same locker room, funny enough. That is why I am pretty sure Anderson's hole is probably a bit puckered by this point.I went to the taping of Anderson's show at the Time Warner Center in the theater where he stripped down and bent over a bit, I saw his nut sack between his legs. Did they smell like pooh or seweaty cornchip balls? Was Pablo there, he's so beautiful and so AC's type? Please please tell us more.[quote]He doesn't seem comfortable in his skin around other gay guys Could this be because he's aware of all the negative feelings about him not coming out publicly? OP you've got to be more clever with your lies next time. It could be anytime and he's just recalling having seen them at the gym.[51] No celebrity is dumb enough to strip down naked in front of stranger he's not having sex with as cell phone pics get out everywhere & I'm sure AC is familiar with the i-reports. Now it's been awhile since I was in a gym, okay 55 years or so, but do people really work out now without support?The entire audience gasped and begged him for hole. Ben has a great body but doesn't always photograph well, OP does he look better in person, he's supposed to be very hot in person."Sorry to hear AC's guns aren't as big as they used to be, I like him bigger."AC doesn't have time to work on his bod the way he used to. Honey,that's all the exercise he needs."Interesting that the gym sighting was in NYC at David Barton, when Anderson tweeted he was in London for 60 Minutes that day. A man who's desperately kept himself career closeted wouldn't risk that. OP observes that Andserson does not wear underwear beneath his gym shorts when he is working out. If so, I can tell you simply by looking down myself that is NOT a good idea.He is cute, but his looks definitely translate better on TV.From straight on, he looks manly, from the side he looks nebbishy. He doesn't seem comfortable in his skin around other gay guys or appears to puff up like a blowfish to make himself appear larger than he is.[quote]And the way he walks is a bit over-postured.Don't get mad at me because Anderson likes these soft Brazilian lips wrapped around his dick. Smooth white ass, on the skinny side and a smallish nutsack. I wish he had bent over just a little more so I could have seen how worn out that hole is. I've seen some comments from other people who have seen AC in the gym and they say he doesn't talk to anyone or make eye contact, he and the bf just stay to themselves and don't show affection. I went to the taping of Anderson's show at the Time Warner Center in the theater where I usually see Wynton Marsalis concerts. There was such a long lag time between the time I posted this thread to the actual first response, I hadn't checked back. He always changes facing his locker for obvious reasons. No way Anderson Cooper is turning his back and changing when he knows he has bat-shit crazy stalker fans with possible cell phone cameras.Meanwhile, Michael Musto is still talking about AC and other celebs not being out publicly, but no one seems to really care about that these days. OP never stated when and the day the thread started Anderson tweeted he was in London for 60 Minutes.Could have been last week, could have been 6 months ago or years ago for all we know and a big IF it's true at all. Ha, Anderson's on CNN right now talking about how Dick Clark was the type of person who most people didn't know much about personally, he was just someone who everyone liked because of what they did and not because they knew anything about him as a person.Sorry to hear AC's guns aren't as big as they used to be, I like him bigger.Thanks OP, if you see them again, please give us some details! He doesn't give a date, he only says he's seen them, just because he started the thread on April 14 doesn't mean that's when he saw them at the gym.


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