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Asp net validating datetime

A more extensible way of refactoring the code is to attempt to separate the logic into presentation logic and business logic layer.Keep the presentation logic in the controller actions, and accompanying helper classes where required.

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By separating the business logic from the UI, we are able to implement alternative UIs – a Web API for example – that utilize the same logic.

The controllers are not dependent on a specific data-access technology.

We can switch technologies without needing to change any controller coding or references.

This specific piece of logic is therefore required in more than one controller.

We can create one or more helper classes in our MVC project, and create helper methods that can be utilized by the controller actions.


  1. May 6, 2016. Custom editor template with unobtrusive validation in MVC5. There are many articles about creating custom editor templates in MVC, but no one. I started from creating a simple editor template, which I placed in the Views/Shared/EditorTemplates/DateTime.cshtml path. When the.

  2. Jul 18, 2015. In MVC applications, System. ComponentModel. DataAnnotations namespace contains various DataAnnotation attributes that gives you a simple way. Finally, we converted the value to DateTime and compared it with current date and if the value is greater than today's date we return a validation.

  3. Aug 1, 2008. Ajax toolkit has a CalendarExtender control which is very cool as you can associate the CalendarExtender to a a TextBox and also to a Button/ImageButton so that you can. I had to validate that the date entered is not more than today's date. MinimumValue = new DateTime1600, 01, 01.

  4. Oct 22, 2005. Dear Friend, I am new in with c#. I want date in a dd/mm/yyyy format with validation in TextBox. runat="server" name="TextBox1". aspCustomValidator Runat="server" ControlToValidate="TextBox1" EnableClientScript="False" ErrorMessage="Invalid DateTime Format"; ID="Customvalidator1".

  5. Apr 24, 2014. ASP MVC 4 jQuery Datepicker date format validation. 1. Let's create a project with name DatePickerValidation, we will skip some of the basic step if you do need these steps please refer to here. 2. Adjust your Views Shared. DataTypeDataType. Date. public NullableDateTime DOB { get; set; }.

  6. Required validator is also one of the most commonly used ones, and it is much more powerful than the Required validator, because it works with many other data types other than strings. For example, it will allow you to validate DateTime instances both MinValue and MaxValue return false, integer and decimal.

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