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The goal of this course is to help students prepare for a type of assignment they will likely see throughout their careers: that of drafting, reviewing, analyzing, explaining, and negotiating contracts.

Students will: • explore various legal- and business issues that might need to be addressed in various types of contract (see the list below); • study principles of plain-English drafting for contracts and other legal documents; • review the etiquette and ethics of contract negotiations; • survey some legal pitfalls that could lead to jail time for both clients and lawyers, such as backdating contracts, violating antitrust laws, failing to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley Act obligations, paying off foreign officials, etc.

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Brevard, Broward, Central Florida, Chipola, Daytona Beach, Edison, Gulf Coast, Hillsborough, Indian River, Lake City, Manatee, Miami-Dade, Northwest Florida, Palm Beach, Pasco-Hernando, Pensacola, Santa Fe, Seminole, Tallahassee, Valencia Jack Rotzien, CLU, has been directly involved in designing and delivering insurance training, pre-licensing courses, and continuing professional education courses in Florida for the past 23 years. His commitment to students and his strong desire to aid them in being successful has been a hallmark of all his instructional endeavors.

Lab 1: Stress transformations and pressure vessels Lab 2: Atomistic origin of elasticity Lab 3: Micro and nanoscale plasticity Lab 4: Uniaxial mechanical testing Please arrive promptly; late arrivals receive a zero for that lab. You will meet your lab TA at the first 3.032 recitation, and this person will be your TA for your lab group throughout the semester. However, these texts tend to treat either the mechanics or the materials perspectives well, rather than integrating the two.

Due to class size, participation in the other Group's lab day is not a permissible means to make up a missed lab. As will be discussed at the first recitation, each lab includes a short quiz at the start of the session, and an independent assignment. Your lecture notes provide this integration, and the Course Reader provides sufficient background material and worked examples from the "best" textbook for a specific topic.

Missed labs in the case of an emergency that is excused by the deans at Student Support Services will be accommodated with an alternative assignment from Prof. The Hosford text is recommended and heavily cited in the Course Reader, but is missing key material covered in the first third of the class.

A student who cheats will receive a formal letter in his/her file at the Office of Student Discipline and may be reported to the Council on Discipline. An "A" in 3.032 means that you have shown you can understand and apply the following quote to make a positive difference with your knowledge of material mechanical behavior: "Give me matter, and I will construct a world out of it." —Immanuel Kant as quoted by Bedford and Liechti, Don't show me this again This is one of over 2,200 courses on OCW.


  1. Feb 12, 2001. Assignment due on Wednesday, September 13 final keyboarded listening memo for current week, not a backdated listening experience of a previous semester with required talking captions, double spacing between paragraphs only. and proper memo format. Check Web and Text for additional.

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