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I understand standard dating sims have SEX in it... Drawn with a mouse, this is my first dating sim for guys... your parents will approve :) Trust Bomee's humor, k? A video game where you play a gay college guy who just came out of the closet.Clay has long protected him, and the young leader of the werewolf clan, shiro, has long yearned for him. They will wait for you patiently on the bed as you return from your busy everyday life. This is an area about games directed toward the female aduience.In otome games the main goal, besides the plot goal, is to develop a relationship between the female player character and one of several male charaters.The guardians game (the first of four) features 8 characters.Catch up instantly on the best stories happening as they unfold.

Although it is short, it is a very cute and funny game (in my opinion) also in my opinion, Craig is the hardest to get... I loved this game even though I know about NOTHING about South Park, and am not a total fan of BL... You can find the game here: South Park Dating Sim by ~Chess Le Chat Someone on facebook found a website with otome games in English!

You’ll play as a newbie voice actor, who’s also a runaway, who’s on the verge of being kicked out from his agency.

That focuses on only making dating sims for women, and they have quite the extensive existing library in japanese.

The scenarios range from playful, to blush-inducing.

Cold and reserved, to chikage, power is everything.


  1. Again. another BL dating sim. In the same day. Okay, so I don't know much about South Park seriously, all I know is what the characters look like and that Kyle is a Jew but I've found a some nice dating sims for it. One that I've just finnished playing is by ChessLeChat, and this is the one I will talk about. The other dating.

  2. Feb 12, 2016. A BL dating sim with reversible roles. Explore town, enjoy stories with lots of CGs, pursues 5+ guys and build career as a voice actor. The creators, meyaoigames got in touch with me and gave me a heads up on this ambitious BL game they are making! Do check them out, support their Kickstarter campaign.

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