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This was the first time that Ada Metro Swat had encountered a subject who might be armed with grenades, according to Ada County Sheriff’s spokesman Patrick Orr.The concern about grenades impacted everything during the hunt for Milanez — even after he was dead.Dressed for combat and using armored vehicles, Ada Metro SWAT with help from Boise’s Special Operations Unit did a yard-to-yard search in the Chapparosa neighborhood for Milanez in the early morning hours of Jan. Milanez was suspected of firing on an Ada County Sheriff’s deputy while fleeing a traffic stop just before 4 a.m.He abandoned the car, and police quickly set up a perimeter.Two of her neighbors who were recording the standoff aired the shooting on Facebook Live — that video was used by state police investigators because SWAT members don’t wear body cameras.

He believed they had a duty to keep the subject contained, the report noted.

With that incident still fresh in their minds, SWAT officers worried that Milanez might ambush them as they were searching yards — firing at them from a hidden position or lobbing grenades.

One of the officers, who had been in law enforcement for 26 years, told ISP investigators that he could not think of a situation where he was more scared.

SWAT members decided they could not let Milanez get away from the house, especially if he was armed with grenades.

“If a person is armed with a bomb, they are a bomb” is the training they have received, the task force’s report said.


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