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C datagridview validating

Windows Defender needs an Hex-Code of 061100 if it’s enabled and up to date.

The following hex-states can occur for Windows Defender: Windows Defender 060100= disabled and up2date 061110 = enabled and outdated 061100 = enabled and up2date Sophos Antivirus needs a an Hex-Code of 051000 if it’s enabled and up to date.

In the WMI namespace “root\Security Center2” you find the list of installed Antivirus products and their status.

Message) End Try End Sub Private Sub btn Incluir_Click(sender As System.

Cell Click Try 'Dim codigo As Integer = dgv Alunos.

Data Grid View Cell Event Args) Handles dgv Alunos.

Link Label Link Clicked Event Args) Handles lnk Procurar.

Startup Path & "/semfoto.jpg") End If End Sub Private Sub dgv Alunos_Cell Click(sender As System.


  1. Target Get the status of Antivirus Windows Defender or any other 3rd party Antivirus software via “Run a Script” from ConfigMgr into a Log-File.

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