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Can introverts dating extroverts

I’ve been on dates where I really was enjoying myself, but soon, that dreaded introvert hangover struck.I got tired, glazed-over, and snappish; my words weren’t coming out right anymore.But here are nine “secrets” about dating an introvert, based on my experiences and the experiences of introverts I interviewed for my book.1.

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At least, not as eloquently as they sounded in our minds. We know it’s on us to make our preferences and needs known.

Many introverts are intensely interested in meaning. We talked all night, making fun of our drunk friends writhing on the dance floor, and he kissed me when he walked me back to my car.

When you’re dating an introvert, worry less about doing all the right things, like texting at the right time, saying the right thing, or dividing up the check properly.

If we’re ready to call it a night earlier than you are, that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re not into you.

Dating, like all social interactions, drain our limited supply of “people” energy.


  1. Don't get stuck in an Extrovert-Introvert binary. Here, Quiet Rev's Social Introvert demystifies dating the opposite temperament with her top tips & advice.

  2. It might seem like extroverts have a leg over introverts when it comes to dating, but introverts are the ones who actually bring more to the table. Sure.

  3. If you're dating an introvert. Introverts and Extroverts Spend Money Differently. and finding a partner can feel downright impossible.

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