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LHere are the screen names for each of the characters Alice- Cullen Cutie22Jacob- Wolf Man16Esme- Sexy Momma32Carlisle- Sexy Doc 300Emmett- 2sexy4myshirt69 Rosalie- Emmett's Chew Toy18Renessme- Hybrid Chick Jasper- General Control Edward- Bella Is MINEBella - Clumsy Klutz Cullen Cutie22 has entered chat room Sexy Momma32 has entered chat room Sexy Doc 300 has entered chat room2sexy4myshirt69 has entered chat room Emmett's Chew Toy18 has entered chat room General Control has entered chat room Bella Is MINE has entered chat room Clumsy Klutz has entered chat room Cullen Cutie22: OMG, everyone's screen names fit the people perfectly! General Control: Yeah now Esme and Carlisle I have a question…. Sexy Doc 300: Well you r mother and I made them last night when we were in our rooms doing things....2sexy4myshirt69: WHOA!! This conversation has taken a REALLY weird, disgusting turn… Clumsy Klutz: I'm starting to think that no matter how long I know, or live with Emmett I will never fully understand him… At least, we ARE sexually active, unlike SOME people Clumsy Klutz: STOP!!! 2sexy4myshirt69: now your starting to understand, and why were you looking?Paul was delighted to have received a promotion within his company but it also meant a move from Perth to Sydney. All seemed to be going well, until Paul realised that he was becoming unhappy. Paul asked one of his work colleagues, Tony, about his problem and Tony suggested that he should call Hot Gozzip, to make some new friends and start engaging socially with more people.Tony had done the same thing some years earlier and it was a great success for in australia chat as brandybunch most the time if any one wants to chat ...The fact there's many different chatroom selections; all appealing to everyone's sense of style and mood, brings a large and diverse crowd.Each one of them love to show off and have very naughty and kinky ideas when playing on-line.

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Suddenly he was talking with lots of new ladies every day.

I do NOT need to know about my parents' nightly activities Bella Is MINE: Well that's unfair Emmett we can ALL hear what you and Rose do at night Emmett's Chew Toy18: You don't need to be mad at us, Edward. I wouldn't say so...2sexy4myshirt69: :p, well I'm so sexy that I can't even wear my shirt, understand? Emmett's Chew Toy18: Well, I understand it *gives a seductive stare*2sexy4myshirt: Mmmmhmmm *gives seductive stare back*Bella Is MINE: Ew..., Anyway, is that why you've been walking around the house with no shirt on?

[public] created by bannans AU hot, sexy and young chat room hello and Welcome to my room anjoy your stay feel free to talk anything you want any age welcome ciao If this chat room is illegal, click here.

Chat doesn't hold a candle to Teen Chat, nor does MSN or even My Space.

ive been commin here for a couple years now and talked to tons of kool ppl and theres even ppl that live in your own town come on this site ...


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  3. CullenCutie22 has entered chat roomSexy Momma32 has entered chat roomSexy Doc 300 has entered chat room2sexy4myshirt69 has entered chat roomEmmett's Chew Toy18 has.

  4. Chat roomsexy. In every cam I watched there was a friendly and interesting person that cared about the topic and moderation of their room. See also naked muscle men.

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