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Chinese dating marriage customs

Different nationalities have different marriage customs, but whatever the nationality is, the wedding ceremony is usually very complicated.The following topic is on the marriage custom practiced by the Han nationality, which comprised 94% of China's population.

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Drinking wedlock wine is the last but probably the most exciting procedure for the marriage.After a lot of courtesies and formalities, the new couple is required to stand side by side, making three bows.The wedding ceremony very often ends with a very extravagant banquet.On the day of the wedding, the bridal chamber is brightly lit and graciously decorated.The bride and the bridegroom make themselves up to look their best.There are pretty awesome chinese actresses in Hollywood and most of the Chinese women are that hot.But when you visit China, you will truly understand what it is like to see chinese women in sex and marriage.The new couple, after an exchange of toasts and drinks, will soon be ready to rest.A typical Chinese wedding nowadays goes like this: when a new couple is engaged, what followed is actually a choice of the date of their marriage.Most people would favor a bank holiday or special Chinese festivals because those dates are usually more convenient for their relatives and friends to attend the wedding.However, quite a few others, especially those in the countryside, would probably ask a fortune-teller to choose a special lucky red-letter date (usually an even number) so that their marriage would have " Double Happiness".


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