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Cj mahaney on dating

Keep in mind, though, that Jesus did not protest his innocence and that people took this as a sign of his guilt, though he, of all men, was completely innocent.If I am going to believe and hope all things, if I am going to be slow to pass judgment, then I also need to understand that neither side has publicized all of the facts.

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We tend to believe that the side that is slow or hesitant to release information must be in the wrong, that their silence is an admission of guilt.Today I want to explore how we can think about all of this in what I hope is a distinctly Christian way.Some have heard bits of information through blogs or word of mouth.In 1 Corinthians 13 Paul explains some of the implications of this love, saying that it “believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things” (v7).This is not a call to be naive or to deny the obvious, but an instruction to maintain a hopeful attitude toward others, even, and perhaps especially, those who have been accused.This situation is unfolding before a watching world that loves nothing more than to see Christians in disunity, accusing one another, fighting one another, making a mockery of the gospel that brings peace.You and I are responsible to do well here, to be above reproach in our thoughts, words and actions.I have no more information than you do, so will be relying on what has already been made public through media new and old.Before I begin, it may be useful for me to explain the nature of my relationship with C. Mahaney and Sovereign Grace Ministries, though there is actually very little to explain.It is for them to evaluate the case and to pass judgment, it is for me to withhold judgment until that time, especially so since these are, by their very nature, and not yet proven facts.As it pertains to the other charges and to the rift between SGM and the former SGM churches, I am also being deliberate to hold back judgment, believing that both the SGM leadership and those who are leaving are doing what they believe is right before the Lord.


  1. This turbulence has followed allegations that C. J. Mahaney has proven to be unqualified as a. What’s Wrong With Christian Dating Part Two. About Tim Challies.

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