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Code for dating bone china

All About Wedgwood California China Brand: Wedgwood Pattern: California Pattern#: W4377 Manufacturer Status: Discontinued In Production: 1963-2005 Description: Bone, white surface, golden verge and trim Theme: Traditional Dishwashing Method: Handwash (Probable) Secondary Market Value: Fair Best Uses: Formal and Informal This California pattern was manufactured for over 40 years by the Wedgwood China company. Enjoy this pattern year round for every fantastic event you host.

If traditional is what you are looking for than this pattern is exactly what you need. This pattern is the perfect addition to every dinner party and lunch with friends.

This is the same as 13.9 except for the addition of the words BONE CHINA.

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This mark was in general use at Burslem between 19.Beautiful, stunning, refreshing only start to describe this pattern.Don't hesitate add a piece of California to your collection today.The following numbers indicate the approximate periods during which the patterns so marked were first introduced.It must be kept in mind that some patterns remained in production and usually kept the same number for many years.A simple way of calculating the date is to add the number in question to 1927.Thus 14 indicates the year 1941 and 23 indicates 1950.Because of missing records it has not always been possible to give the numbers year by year. 12-06 for December 1906; or, occasionally, the full date, e.g. The impressed dates are not always easy to see and may be overlooked if one is not careful.Many pieces fortunately carry in addition to trade-mark and pattern number an impressed or printed indication of when they were made. The printed dates are usually indicated by Code Numbers beginning with and up to .On some patterns, particularly on china, the date has been written in special ink.Hand-painted, and largely hand-painted, wares designed and decorated by Robert Allen and artists in his studios, were often given RA-numbers, written by hand, in addition to the usual trade-mark and any other number.


  1. Code for dating bone china insuring Singles original. Highest payout’s you would ever see marathon three match but there sure are discount dating china code bone.

  2. Some Tips on Dating Antique China - HOW OLD IS IT? [email protected] Views 331 Likes Comments Comment. P1 How to buy Royal Albert Old Country Roses Bone China Image.

  3. Dating Aynsley Marks. For a guide to dating Aynsley China follow. All have a green Aynsley mark stating 'Aynsley' in a ribbon scroll and 'bone china' over.

  4. Vitreous China tableware, earthenware & bone china. Country Ware Corp. 1975 Syracuse China Corporation, located in. The "38" is code for the year it.

  5. Shelley and Wileman Backstamps. Set forth below are some of the most common backstamps used on Fine Bone China and miniatures. Year Code L translates to 1882.

  6. Dating Wedgwood. 250 years of Josiah. The first letter of the code represents the month of. Bone china was manufactured between 18 then abandoned.

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