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College professors dating their students

Relationships are allowed if the student is not in a professor's class or department.

OSU has a similar partial ban on relationships involving anyone who might supervise, teach or coach a student or subordinate. Joseph University discourages professor/student relationships, school officials say.

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Lines in the debate have been drawn more clearly in recent years.

I was naïve enough to be a bit shocked that girls my age would talk that way about such an exalted figure.

And I felt a little sheepish, too, since I’d secretly been thinking the same thing myself.

(Harvard was found to have failed to comply with Title IX in responding to such accusations.).

She feels that prohibitions on faculty-student dating are paternalistic and part of an increasing tendency to infantilize students as preposterously fragile “trauma cases waiting to happen,” rather than as adults acquiring the experience that will enable them to navigate a rough-and-tumble world.


  1. Sep 28, 2013. My reputation would be ruined and, in many ways, so would hers. But I feel confident in knowing her — and knowing the way she behaves — that it would never be an issue. She stands to lose a lot if she reveals our relationship, and though I have always played it safe when it came to my students, it's an.

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