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#1 You don’t have a voice because she is so controlling.When you are dating a dominant person, sometimes she can be very controlling.I slowly realized that I became the dominant girlfriend because I had to – not because I actually wanted to. In fact, she may or may not even ask your opinion on it.But regardless, being *or having* a dominant girlfriend has its pros and its cons. [Read: 16 abusive relationship signs of a devious lover] The pros of having a dominant girlfriend Strong women are wonderful. In fact, the terms “super woman” and “super mom” were coined because of the kind of women who are strong, dominant, and feel like they can set the world on fire. You decide.” Person B: “No, that’s okay, you decide.” Person A: “No, really, you decide.” And it goes on. She might just tell you what you’re doing, and then you don’t have to think about it.English | Spanish If you or someone you know sees the warning signs in their relationship, text loveis to 22522.

That will disgust her, and soon you won’t have a dominant girlfriend anymore – or any girlfriend at all *if you know what I mean*.Learn more about healthy relationships with our handouts and videos.Fifty years ago, it was commonly accepted that the man had more power when it came to relationships. Women are have careers now, and they aren’t required to stay at home with the kids and be the perfect little wifey who waits at home for her man…[Read: Selfish people – 15 ways to spot and stop them from hurting you] #3 You might feel like less of a man. Women needed them to drag back an animal they killed for dinner. They could get so caught up in their own selfish desires that their expectations of you might become very unrealistic.Since the cave man days, men have had the instinctual, primal need to be the provider. If that happens, what you will have to do is to gently remind her that what she is asking of you is simply not within the realm of what is really possible.She doesn’t settle for a man who is beneath her, she doesn’t settle for a crappy job, and she doesn’t settle for anything else that doesn’t meet her standards. Then Sunday, it’s church and hanging out with the family.She also knows where you’re going on vacation 6 months from now and how the holidays are going to play out this year. I’ve been with several men who were lazy and it drove me crazy.But listen up here – a dominant woman doesn’t respect a man she can walk all over.In fact, she secretly likes it when her man stands up to her and doesn’t let her push him around. [Read: 15 questions to reveal a controlling personality instantly] #2 You lose yourself. [Read: How to be dominant – 15 calm, assertive ways to be a real alpha] #4 She might have unrealistic expectations.and has the house all clean and dinner on the table. However, even though it’s great that women have more equal power in the world now, that kind of confuses things in romantic relationships sometimes.The middle of last century, the gender roles were clear.


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