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Core data updating

In addition to the usual files that are present when creating a new project, this time an additional file named Core Data.xcdatamodeld is also created.

This is the file where the entity descriptions for our data model are going to be stored.

With the storyboard and view controller configured, now is a good time to design the user interface and establish the outlet and action connections.

Select the Main.storyboard file to begin the design work.

Also, make sure the Targeted for i Pad and With XIB for user interface options are off.

Click Next and select a location for the new class files before clicking on Create.

To add a storyboard file, select the File - New File…

menu option and, in the resulting dialog, select the User Interface category from beneath i OS in the left hand panel.

As such, we now need to create our own storyboard file and view controller class.

Finally, edit the label and remove the word “Label” so that it is blank.

Select the top most text field object in the view canvas, display the Assistant Editor panel and verify that the editor is displaying the contents of the Core Data View Controller.h file.

In the Product Name and Class Prefix fields enter Core Data, enable the Use Core Data checkbox and click Next to select a location to store the project files.

Xcode will create the new project and display the main project window.


  1. I am currently looking through documentation and the web, but I am not seeing what I am looking for and I would just like to confirm if what I am looking.

  2. Saving Data to the Persistent Store using Core Data. When the user touches the Save button the saveData method is called. It is within this method, therefore, that we must implement the code to obtain the managed object context and create and store managed objects containing the data entered by the user.

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