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Dating a man with a child

You can still date someone with children, but there is a way to be responsible without affecting the child.

It is important to remember that you are dating him, his kids. If it’s just a casual situation or the beginning stages where the two of you are still trying to figure each other out, there’s no need to stress or obsess over his responsibilities. For those of you dating with kids, I understand that sometimes you don’t disclose that information because you want to have a social life and would like to keep certain things separate, but honestly, everything will eventually overlap once things pick up with the person you are dating.

You will never fully get to experience or enjoy your relationship if there’s always a third party stirring the pot.

It is also important to set boundaries with him involving his child.

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Would you want to be with someone who doesn’t treat being a father as if it were a precious gift? If you’re an individual who demands a lot of attention, you may also want to be honest with yourself about whether or not you are okay with being second in a man’s life.Plus, the child’s mother may not be happy about a complete stranger being around their child so closely.Also, be sure to observe what type of father he is. Does he make being a father a full-time job or is he a part-time dad? When you see what type of father he is, it allows you to see him in a different light.The forces that drive some women toward compulsively loving men who are unloving and the forces that line up to put some men in unfulfilling relationships are similar.In fact, women and men are far more alike than they are different.I’ve yet to come up with a catchy term for this phenomenon (Mandren? ), but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re out there. They have the body of a 27-year-old, but the maturity of a toddler.My recent Huffington Post article, "5 Signs You Might Be Dating A Man-Child," received a number of very angry comments by men.If he has a child, what type of dealings does he have with the child’s mother? How would that potentially affect you in terms of dating?If avoiding drama with the mother doesn’t seem doable, then run for the hills and never look back.My book, Having Sex, Wanting Intimacy Why Some Women Settle for One-Sided Relationships, is written for women.But, it can be read by men as a guide to how they too may avoid romantic relationships that are likely to end unhappily.


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