Dating a sikh

However this is missing an important point in Sikh philosophy.

Sikhs can actively create wealth so long as they always remember that this knowledge is a blessing from God and that a small portion of the wealth (10% is recommended) should be donated for the greater benefit of humanity.

(Guru Granth Sahib, p.33) Some Amritdharis feel that they are not allowed to eat food prepared by non-Amritdhari people.

If we look at Sikh history then we notice that some Gurus lived very simple lifestyles and other lived like royalty.

So make-up, jewellery, fine clothes and perfume are a personal choice for the individual.

Some Sikhs think that simply by being baptised they have completed their spiritual evolution.

This is incorrect because living as a Sikh requires a commitment to improve yourself and your community throughout your life.


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