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Dating and sports performance

The effects of gendered races extend to leadership selection and athletic participation, further research showed.

"This research shows that the intersection of race and gender has important real-world consequences," Galinsky concluded.

He analyzed the 2000 US Census data and found a similar pattern among interracial marriages: among black-white marriages, 73 percent had a black husband and a white wife, while among Asian-white marriages, 75 percent had a white husband and an Asian wife.

An even more pronounced pattern emerged in Asian-black marriages, in which 86 percent had a black husband and an Asian wife.

Drawing on years of research and experience, Loehr provides a step-by-step approach that combines mental and physical conditioning with the latest scientific advances in nutrition to create a mind-body synergy that reinforces the immune system, builds energy levels, and toughens you up all-around.” 5.

Succeed: How We Can Reach Our Goals by Heidi Grant Halvorson, Ph. “Even very smart, very accomplished people are very bad at understanding why they succeed or fail.


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