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The legendary Bell Witch is thought to be the ghost of Kate Batts, a neighbor of John Bell who promised to haunt him and his descendants after he allegedly shortchanged her in a land purchase.Treat yo'selves to a classy French dinner in one of the most genteel neighborhoods of St. At this historic Victorian mansion, though, the food will be second to the atmosphere if you and your date want to drink in some chilling history.Since then, employees have reported seeing bizarre shadows, lights, and hearing inexplicable humming.In 2010, a local group even captured footage of a full-body apparition.

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At this 18th century Bourbon Street bar, the oldest in the country, you can grab some brews and try to catch a glimpse of Lafitte's ghost.

Book a room for two or just do a tour to have a horrifyingly good time at the setting of one of the most famous double murders in American History.

The owner has said that the room where Lizzie's stepmother Abby was found murdered is the most requested booking among guests.

Some estimates say that more than 60,000 patients died within its walls, and the cold spots, disembodied voices, and ghosts of old women and young children are thought to be the result of this grisly past.

Go on a guided tour of the sprawling campus, or, if the idea is too much, wait a few years: Plans are reportedly in progress to turn it into a resort specially catering to people who want to sleep among ghosts.


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