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The Church in Wales has not considered the issue of whether it should seek to change its status in relation to the marriage law.” “However, it would welcome any assistance the Welsh Government is able to provide in easing the burden on our parishes of maintaining our burial grounds, which are open to all in the community, and to disused burial grounds which cannot be handed over to local authorities as in England”.

The coalition government’s push to introduce same-sex marriage in England and Wales necessitates a review of the Church in Wales thinking on marriage, the Archbishop of Wales Dr. In his presidential address to the 10 – 11 April 2013 meeting of the Governing Body of the Church in Wales in Lampeter, Dr.

The Welsh Church Act 1914 disestablished the Church in Wales in part, ending the jurisdiction of ecclesiastical courts and severing ecclesiastical law from civil law in Wales.

However, Parliament left intact the duty of a Welsh incumbent to marry residents of the parish and, if the church had a graveyard, preserved the right of every member of the parish to burial.

He added that these tools appear to be rather unusual.

"I've not seen anything like them before, and I've talked to a number of colleagues who've never seen anything like them," Brooks told Live Science.

“..all have this characteristic point at one end, which has then been battered – you've got pitting and distinctive damage on the end, so they've been heavily used," he added. Previous excavations and carbon dating at the site have shown that it was once a hillfort around 2,500 BCE, during the Early Bronze Age.

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However, in spite of that, we believe that we have a ministry to all in the people in Wales, regardless of whether they are members of the Church.

Barry Morgan, had led the opposition to the bill saying it gave too much power to the state.

While he supported organ donation, it “ought to be a gift of love, of generosity.

The coalition government had not consulted the Church in Wales when it said it would be banned in law from offering same sex marriages.

The church in Wales should make up its own mind on this issue he declared, and it must decide whether it would keep its quasi-established position under Welsh law words clergy had a duty to solemnise marriages.


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