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For instance, the word merch "girl" changes into ferch after the definite article.This only occurs with feminine singular nouns: mab "son" remains unchanged.See § Correlation between gender and the form of a noun, below.Agreement, or concord, is a grammatical process in which certain words change their form so that values of certain grammatical categories match those of related words.Adjectives are affected by gender in a similar way.Additionally, in many languages, gender is often closely correlated with the basic unmodified form (lemma) of the noun, and sometimes a noun can be modified to produce (for example) masculine and feminine words of similar meaning.

Grammatical gender manifests itself when words related to a noun like determiners, pronouns or adjectives change their form (inflect) according to the gender of noun they refer to (agreement).

If the noun is explicitly marked, both trigger and target may feature similar alternations.

Other types of division or subdivision may be found in particular languages.

These may sometimes be referred to as classes rather than genders; for some examples, see Noun class.

In some of the Slavic languages, for example, within the masculine and sometimes feminine and neuter genders, there is a further division between animate and inanimate nouns – and in Polish, also sometimes between nouns denoting humans and non-humans.


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  2. In linguistics, grammatical gender is a specific form of noun class system in which the division of noun classes forms an agreement system with another aspect of the.

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