Dating old soda bottle

The Biedenharn hutch is the one without "Coca-Cola" in script. Examples of all 3 hutches can be found on the Antique Coca-Cola Bottle Hall of Fame page. To see an original and repro label side by side, click here.In this photo, the repro label is on the left and the original label is on the right."Coca-Cola" embossed in script letters contained Coke and is more valuable, while the "Coca-Cola" embossed in block letters contained a flavored drink other than Coke so is less valuable.There are two styles of Hutchinson Coke: one with "Coca-Cola" in script and one without. There are reproduction labels around in new condition, so if the bottle looks old and the label looks new, then chances are that the label was added later.One exception are those produced during 1942-45; these were blue due to the copper shortage for WWII (copper gives the green color).

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By 1917 Cokes started being produced in the familiar hobble-skirt shape which is still used today.

Prior to that, it had been a soda fountain item as well as a syrup being sold in bottles as a patent medicine.

The earliest Biedenharn Coca Cola bottles used a Hutchinson patent bottle.

The first hobbleskirts where patened Nov 16, 1915 and came in a variety of colors: clear, aqua, ice blue, and green.

To see a rare 1915 that is blue on top and green on the bottom, click here. Dec 25 1923 patent and later) all have a green tint color.


  1. Dating Antique Bottles. Many people are intrigued to know how old their bottle is. There are three keys to help with dating most bottles Side seams None bottle may be free blown, in which case it has a very uneven shape and dates before 1860. Or the bottle may have a nice even shape, but was spun in the mold to.

  2. Some old heavier Glass Coke Bottle here. Not sure of the dating codes. I think the diamond with the D in it - - Is Dominion Glass as I am in Canada lol. Not sure if the numbers are the dates or not. They are heavier glass and all have embossed raised lettering on them. Help? Anyone date these? Anything I should watch.

  3. Jan 9, 2013. Christmas coke bottles from the 90s and full bottles from around the world, I still have dozens if you want some cheap let me know! Thanks for watching!

  4. Applied blob top seam ends below lip, crude shape common on sodas, beers, and mineral waters, 1840s -1880s. gravitating stopper patented by John Matthews New York Oct 11 1864 found on soda bottles, 1865 - 1880s. codd bottle patented in 1872 uses a marble and rubber stopper to seal mostly used in Great Britain

  5. Includes early coca cola bottles, determining old bottles from antique bottles, faked old coca cola bottles, where to buy, and collecting nostalgia.

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