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Example: of "Party Split" Traces for the Original and the Split off bookings.

Strategies will affect how the hotel displays and sells their inventory and is easily accessible.Typically a Web Script might be represented by a Java Script controller, an i18n properties file and a Free Marker template.They must all be defined in the same package with a similar file name prefix as the Web Script descriptor file to which they are related.This package mapping allows us to target multiple files in a single customization rather than specifying every file individually. For example we could have targeted 'When you provide an i18n properties file extension the properties in the extension file are merged into the 'base' file (any duplicates are replaced with those from the extension file).If multiple modules extend the same properties file then the last module in the deployment list will 'win'.Rate Query using the ( key), during any time frame and rates will be displayed according to prevailing Sell or Brand strategies.All rates will be displayed according to the sequence setup in HOLIDEX with Negotiated rates following.It is not necessary to provide an extension file for every base in the Web Script - only those that you wish to extend.For example - if a Web Script has controller, properties and template files you don't need to provide extensions to all 3 if you just wish to override some i18n properties.Data elements include Resort, Room Type, and Number of OOO Rooms.This process will consolidate messages by count of Out of Order rooms will generate a Business Event, including using the functionality of New, Edit, Delete and Copy from the Out of Order/Service screen.


  1. Aug 3, 2011. Introduction In previous blog posts I have described how to customize Alfresco Share through the use of Component extensions. This is only one of the new.

  2. Identifies the actual valid estimated date and time of interchange of the Wagon or Unit at an interchange point Additional instructions regarding the wagon or. by a lead RU Consignment Order Message from Lead RU to RU Message Additional Header containing consignment related key data such as dossiernumber.

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