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Variations of this were known and used as early as 1730.The first time a Kingdom of Bhutan separate from Tibet did appear on a western map, it did so under its local name as "Broukpa"."Land of Bolivar" in New Latin, in honor of Simón Bolívar, one of the leading generals in the Spanish American wars of independence.However, in every case, these seem to have been describing not modern Bhutan but the Kingdom of Tibet.The modern distinction between the two did not begin until well into George Bogle's 1774 expedition—realizing the differences between the two regions, cultures, and states, his final report to the East India Company formally proposed labeling the Druk Desi's kingdom as "Boutan" and the Panchen Lama's as "Tibet".The two seas are then the bay east and west of the island,, "country") which appeared in then Major Ziaur Rahman's 1971 declaration of independence for East Pakistan.The earliest reference to Bengal (বঙ্গ, Bôngô) has been traced in the early-9th-century Nesari plates.The exonym was next applied to Great Novgorod and then Muscovy after its conquest of that region, finally being applied to its present region in the late 16th century to describe ethnically Russian regions being conquered from Poland."Land of the Belgae", from the Roman province of Gallia Belgica ("Belgic Gaul") derived from the Latinized name of a Celtic tribe.

As with Barbuda, the name may derive from the appearance of the island's fig trees or from the beards of the indigenous people.

The passages, however, do not refer to the modern island but rather to the Saudi deserts opposite modern Bahrain.

It is possible Bahrain (previously known as Awal) simply acquired its name when that region became known as Al-Hasa, but today the name is generally taken to refer to the island itself.

An Arbanitai were mentioned in Attaliates's History as subjects of the Duke of Dyrrachium, near modern Durrës."Southern Land" in New Latin, adapted from the legendary pseudo-geographical Terra Australis Incognita ("Unknown Southern Land") dating back to the Roman era.

First appearing as a corruption of the Spanish name for an island in Vanuatu in 1625,"There is no probability, that any other detached body of land, of nearly equal extent, will ever be found in a more southern latitude; the name Terra Australis will, therefore, remain descriptive of the geographical importance of this country, and of its situation on the globe: it has antiquity to recommend it; and, having no reference to either of the two claiming nations, appears to be less objectionable than any other which could have been selected."(Antarctica, the hypothesized land for which the name Terra Australis originally referred to, was sighted in 1820, and not explored until decades after Flinders' book had popularized this shift of the name.)Oz, a colloquial endonym: Likely a contraction from above.


  1. Within the benthic boundary layer BBL and seabed of river-dominated ocean margins RiOMars, the timing, kinetics and extent of important biogeochemical processes.

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