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Find answers to the most commonly asked bus transportation management and school bus routing software questions for comparing, purchasing and implementing Bus Boss’.

If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for here, we’d love to hear from you. * Postcards and routing letters for parent and student notifications.

Bus Boss can be purchased through a lease, often costing less that one driver's salary.

However, you may be able to optimize your bus routes to eliminate the need for a route or two, thereby saving on salary and bus maintenance costs.

Q: What are some of the features of your school bus routing software? * Regular Ed and Special Ed routing with door-to-door stops.

Q: What should a school bus operator look for when selecting school bus routing software? A: Most school districts that don’t rely on school bus routing software for transportation and routing do rely on someone's extensive knowledge of the roads within the district.A: * Manual systems don't have built-in checks and balances, so inefficiencies and errors are not prevented.* User-auditing tracks changes made within the system (user name, date and change details).If you have paper copies of the information, we scan them to create an ASCII file and enter the information into Bus Boss for you for a small fee.Or, Bus Boss gets all of the information from you to convert the students and routes.A: * Schedule routing for every eligible student every day of the year with morning, afternoon, mid-day shuttles and alternate routes.* Bus route optimization taking into account load capacities, max ride times, special needs, turn restrictions, one-ways and road blocks.A: Bus Boss offers three solutions for time management.If you have an ASCII file with the student information, you can import students directly into the school bus routing software.* Fully integrated walker and rider eligibility policies.Q: How does this bus routing software help operators to better manage student transportation?


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  2. Bus route optimization taking into account load capacities, max ride times, special needs, turn restrictions, one-ways and road blocks. * System-generated driving directions with printed route maps. * Student safety with threat zones/sex offender location warnings. * Live password-protected, web-based student and route.

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