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It's not safe to give out other information so it's against The Kids Com Chat Rules.This includes your full name, e-mail address, home address, home town or city, school name, phone number, ZIP codes.These are all sorts of things and range from jobs on Sarillion to earn Kids Kash, trips to places on Earth, or even visits from Kids staff to their home town on planet Earth to meet great Allies and Idea Seekers in person.Princess Kimma will be suggesting Allies and Idea Seekers on Sarillion who are ready to have these rewards.

This trust state will earn you recognition for being on your way to becoming an important citizen and also earn you rewards on the planet Sarillion.

Any Dark Words or broken rules will automatically reset your status and slow down your progress towards becoming a Trusted citizen so be careful to follow the chat rules!

In addition to chatting according to the rules, you can also earn Good Standing Status faster by asking and performing two of these tasks: You will receive a notice when you are half way to achieving Trusted status.

Good chat and positive actions are an easy way to move your chat level up.

WHEN YOU FIRST START CHATTING: Starting to talk on Kids you will be able to say most normal words.


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