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Ero text chat

So Ero was originally trapped in the darkness for 5 whole years straight, and now has attcked thousands of servers today.

I'll gab some more info if I encountered Ero again.

I saw the death message was fell out of the world Ouch! It seems that someone blew it up with TNT, but who?

I came back to my computer and then I saw that my player was killed! I pressed respawn, and I spawned in this giant cave area that I didn't make. I was trying my best to get out of this cave, but I fell into the hole that leads to the void by accident. The game crashed immediately with a wierd glitch sound.

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  3. I converted it to text and this is what it said Ero used to work at Mojang, until one day he was corrupted by Null. Heres the chat that was going on Me.

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