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Female muscle intimidating internet dating limerick

Moving to her side she works Nick over with both figure 4 and straight leg scissors. Her legs are so muscular and massive, Nick can hardly breathe. Check out Taylor's Utopia Star Profile here to see sexy Taylor completely woman-handle Nick! Nick, built Taylor immediately takes Nick down to his back with an awesome headlock hip-toss. Nick is available as a whole in Downloads, or in 4 parts in the Utopia Clips Store.Taylor presses her legs straight and back to figure 4 over and over, to keep Nick in pain and let him know there is no escape for him! Nick is stunned briefly which allows Taylor to jump on him with a skull crushing reverse headscissor and figure 4. Check out Taylor's Utopia Star Profile here she's a beautiful, young, power-packed wrestling machine! Nick, Taylor traps Nick in a brutal head scissor and works him over with head snapping hip thrusts, figure 4's and chinlocks.She sexily taunts him to escape, as his nervousness turns to terror, and she has him tapping his desperate submission many times.In the end Miss Monrow lets him worship her a little as she stands over him flexing in a classic victory pose.We talk with her a little while measuring and she throws some super-nice flexes at us, so it's a mini posing video as well.Miss Monrow's biceps are a legit 16", her thighs are a massive 26.5" and her calves an enormous 17".Miss Monrow starts slow because Steve is nervous, and when you see how small his head is in between her massive slabs of granite you'll understand why!

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Strapping Dutch amazon Miss Monrow (6'1" and 210lbs.) comes to Utopia and scissors our lucky victim Steve.


  1. Muscle worship describes a fetish behavior in which an individual admires a more powerful person. This is not to be confused with mixed wrestling or session wrestling.

  2. Crush Wrestling offers high definition video clips and photos of female wrestlers in fantasy and competitive matches.

  3. Fitness can be an intimidating endeavor. We want to help you overcome your fears. So you can walk into the gym and rock it!

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