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Also consider the costs associated with taking the images, image development, transportation of equipment and a method by which photographers can communally examine each other’s work (a slide or data projector, for example).

3) Introduction – Bring the group of community representatives together, and explore with them in an accessible and inclusive way why they have been chosen as representatives and how photovoice works as a research methodology.

Many of the steps identified below can be considered creatively, as photovoice employs rapidly changing technology in the context of participatory research in a way that is unique among research methodologies.

Furthermore, researchers entering a community who attempt action-oriented research or social change may have difficulty ensuring that the progress made in their presence will remain in effect or continue to develop upon their departure from the community.

Without a powerful emotional picture of a community and its constituents, policymakers may misrepresent or fail to consider many of its most important aspects when making relevant decisions.

Photographers should set out into their communities with open minds and a focus on capturing scenes that are relevant to their everyday lives.

While the photographers should be encouraged to seek out important situations, they should also be encouraged to consider the mundane or obvious as relevant subject matter.


  1. Favorably to previously published stomach contents data for the Lake Albert fishes dating back to 1928, demonstrating agreement between stable isotope values and analyses of stomach contents. While there were some indications of changes in the diets of L. niloticus and A. baremose diets over the past 20 years in.

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