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TUVALU Visa required, which can be obtained on arrival for a stay of max. UGANDA Visa required, which can be obtained on arrival.

VIRGIN ISLANDS (BRITISH) Visa not required for a stay of max. Source: Quantas This search engine and database is provided and managed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

wife, husband or children provided holding proof thereof; – travelling as tourist in organized group and holding Certificado Colectivo de Identidade et Viagem (no limit for number of tourists). However, a 14 days visa -free of charge- can be obtained on arrival, if entering Egypt via South Sinai (through Sant Katherine, Sharm El Sheik or Taba airports), provided: – remaining in South Sinai resorts; and – not continuing to any other city in Egypt.

CAPE VERDE ISLANDS Visa not required if: – Passenger was a former national of Cape Verde Isl., incl.

The visa will then be available at the airport of Guinea-Bissau.

Virgin Islands, no entry documents required due to no immigration control. If arriving from a country without representation of Guinea-Bissau, visa applications by letter to be made 14 days prior to arrival to: Comissariado de Estado da Seguranca Nacional e Ordem Publica da Republica da Guinea-Bissau (State Directorate of National Security and Public order of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau). stay of 7 days; OR – passenger has been introduced by means of a letter from valid organization or government at least two days prior to arrival, for a max.

Confirmation must be obtained before departure to Albania. Visa on arrival can only be issued to those holding a prior approval from Le Diligue General de L’Immigration. stay of 3 months if attending African Union meetings and holding official letters pertaining to the travel. Visa (of various types and length of stays) can be obtained on arrival at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Visa Dept.

SAMOA Visa not required if holding a visitor’s permit, which can be obtained on arrival for a stay of max. SRI LANKA Visa required, which can be obtained on arrival for a touristic stay of max.

stay of 30 days provided: – passport contains at least one unused visa page for the visa-on-arrival sticker, which covers entire passport page; AND – holding ticket and other documents for return/onward journey. However, it can be issued on arrival provided: – coming for tourist purposes only for a max. However, if travelling in a group of 10 or more passengers and holding prior approval from Ministry of Interior visa can be obtained on arrival.

INDONESIA Visa required, which can be obtained on arrival for a max.

Passenger must also hold proof of confirmed hotel reservation and at least USD 1,400.- or any major credit card; OR – 7 day business visa can be issued at Doha airport provided notification received at least 48 hours prior to arrival. Visa may only be granted on arrival provided prior arrangements have been made by transporting carrier up to 24 hours prior to flight departure. Details of such Landing Permit should be given to the Station Manager of transporting airline at least 48 hours prior to arrival.

Virgin Islands no entry documents required due to no immigration control. The following visas can be obtained on arrival: – 14 day tourist visa, provided application submitted to airport immigration at least 24 hours before arrival by any of the registered hotels in Doha. SEYCHELLES Visa not required as Visitor’s Permit for 1 month (depends on validity of ticket) will be issued on arrival provided holding: – onward/return ticket or otherwise ticket must be purchased on arrival; AND – sufficient funds (USD 150.- per day) and proof of accommodation during stay. However, visa on arrival is also possible under following conditions: – no diplomatic representation of Sierra Leone at point of origin; AND – sponsor or contact person in Sierra Leone should arrange Landing Permit with the Principal Immigration Officer. TIMOR LESTE Entry Permit can be obtained on arrival for a max. TOGO Visa required, which can be obtained on arrival for max.


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