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With Alan’s passing, the sushi bar incident will now have only myself as the last remaining eye witness.Like A Portrait of Dorian Grey, I have stashed away out of sight an illustration Alan drew of me at a time in my life when I had a hellhound on my trail and a habit I was having trouble handling.I’m thankful he allowed me access to his eyes, his beautiful vision and inspired madness.It remains with me and I benefit from it all to this day.” I am truly saddened by Alan’s passing.Certainly much of Dylan’s early work, especially his rambling esoteric electric phase, had a Ginsberg inspired Dada-esque quality to it that was symbolic of free form yet rhythmic poetry.However, what set Leonard Cohen apart from anyone and everyone else was his knack (a far too lightweight word) for encapsulating both the obvious and the obscure in a framework of extraordinary phrases and beautiful couplets.They are all true, or at least I can confirm that those including yours truly are.

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Those who know me know that I am visibly uncomfortable when people refer to me as a poet or my lyrical work as poetry.

It was a curious collaboration of eccentricity and dangerous curves taken at an ever-increasing speed and joyous abandon.

During this time I truly felt that I was rubbing shoulders with such an enlightened and extraordinary talent it would be beneficial to my own lesser scribble.

For such a long time he was intertwined with us on a truly magical journey.

Before his most endearing collaboration with us, the iconic artwork for 1973’s Captain Fantastic & the Brown Dirt Cowboy, he illustrated the cover and edited (along with Mike Dempsey) my first collection of complete lyrics The One Who Writes The Words.


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