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I had a lot of comfort with the girls and had a lot of fun and then it happened: She was taller than me, she fucked playboy photographers and she was on coke. I didn’t want anything with her but after she bought us drinks (and got me drunk) she asked what do I have to drink (at home). She was unfuckable as she was on the verge of vomiting on my place (why the fuck did I get her here! I got audio and I dared the guy back to fuck on looney tunes. Now we’re thinking of having a club mix with my audio 😉I arrived at a stage where I now realize I don’t need any more materials.

I need to get my sticking points done and read specifics.

I entered the prince charming frame: the prince, the princess, deep questions, leave the moment (nlp). She also told me she’s on her period (hehe, good one girls! I qualified her in the perfect moments, made her massage me … I was told 5 times that she wanted to be just friends (while I kissed her) 😉 I love the “yes we should” strategy ;-). So when we left I had stopped the rapport, completely: I’m not the guy that receives a no. (Sunday) I went on a date with a girl I sarged, she wasn’t my type so I played social game. (Monday) I fucked a girl on our first date (and recorded the interaction from the beginning till her orgasms). I only kissed her for 2 seconds while the others kissed, no other move. My wing also opened a nearby 3 set where he encountered HB Flexible (his flake from 6 months ago).

Because of too much A2 she didn’t want to be swept of her feet so I hugged her deeply. She came to me trying to get an emotional reaction. Another friend of mine told my wing that he laid HB Flexible.

This short film by Nikita Ordynskiy captures the game's mood perfectly. I was 31, balancing two jobs while going to graduate school.

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I meet her in the front of the marked and she asks me where are we going. I also frame this as my usual date: never the hot chocolate at a bar, always fun and interesting. I dirty danced with everyone and the mood was great.

She tries to enter comfort with me (because I had too much A2 and probably because I fucked one of her roommates). I didn’t want to pursue this so I wanted to experiment something new. (Wednesday) I invited some friends for chit chat (including a classmate from college). Then I went PUA mood: I had another table where an ex lay held her birthday; I introduced my wing and other guys in that set and DHVed them.


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