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German dating classifieds

Even so, he allowed Schruers to finish the tome on his own, drawing on approximately 100 hours of interviews he already granted him.Whether any back deals exist between Joel, 65, and Schruers to block specific information isn’t known.

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Here are some of the book’s biggest revelations: — Joel's parents, German Jews, barely survived the Holocaust, having escaped at the last minute through Cuba. The family's whole harrowing story is chronicled in a little-known, 2001 documentary titled "The Joel Files." — Always self-deprecating, Joel assessed his star appeal early on, with the line “Look at me. I look like a guy who makes pizza.” — Despondent over his failing career in his 20s, Joel tried to commit suicide by swallowing fistfuls of Nembutal, washed down with furniture polish.

When he awoke, he thought, “Oh great, I couldn’t even do this right.” — Atlantic Records tried to sign Billy right before Columbia did.

Espinal, a cab driver, knocked her to the floor with a punch to the face, then jumped on top of German and landed several more close-fisted blows, court records show.

German was hospitalized with lacerations to her forehead, eye, nose and lip.


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