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I found that the jokester had put one over on me when moments later the man holding open the limousine door said, "Good morning, Mr.

Hope." Cher is one of many performers who dress in clothes one would never expect to see on so flamboyant a star.

Some stars opt for the serenity and sophistication of the Upper East Side. Still others prefer to project a chic downtown persona and therefore reside in the cutting-edge neighborhoods of Greenwich Village and Tri-beca. Brooke Shields enters a 57th Street movie theater just before the credits roll, sits in the back row, and retreats as the final tine is spoken.

Sunglasses and a kerchief do little to conceal Sophia Loren as she shops the pricey 5th Avenue boutiques close to home.

Their dogs do not walk themselves, but, like ours, they pull on a leash attached to a human hand.

And when a child needs to be taken to a piano lesson, the youngster musn't be kept waiting, even if Mommy or Daddy has to interrupt that phone call about a multipicture deal.

Katharine Hepburn promenades through town in slacks, her chin held high, as befits the independence of spirit for which this Hollywood legend is renowned.

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A majority of celebrities residing in Manhattan prefer to live in areas bordering Central Park.

Always be alert and aware, since some of your most awe-inspiring discoveries will happen when least expected.

Stars clothe themselves at the same stores we browse in and they buy food at our neighborhood grocers.

Special thanks to editor Robert Weil, whose knowledge of Manhattan architecture is astonishing, and the rest of the staff at St. What had been a long-kept secret, we may now declare with certainty: More stars make their home in Manhattan than in any other city in the world.

Martin's Press, whose warmth and attention goes unheralded in the publishing industry. Gotham is home not only to major movie stars but also to rock-and-roll greats, soap-opera personalities, superstar sports heroes, operatic divas and prima ballerinas, and even notorious criminal masterminds.


  1. Blog Stage A top source for. Henry Rollins Appreciates the Stage Managers. Terry Richardson photographed Liza Minnelli for the new issue of LOVE magazine.

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