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How to prevent itunes from updating

The app pops up regularly telling you that updates are available and you can download these two apps.

If you want to stick to just using i Tunes and want Apple Software Update to stop badgering here’s how you can make it stop. In the schedule tab, you can see how often the app checks for updates.

As a long time i Phone and Windows user, the only Apple app I’ve ever downloaded is i Tunes and that too because there is no other way for me to add music to my phone.

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This is fine, however it also auto-checks a box that says 'Install Quicktime i Tunes' that I have to uncheck.I have changed the configuration, then took that file, created new user and launched the app by copying that to that path for that user and it worked. ORIGINAL: chipmat31 Hey Dunnpy, thanks for your quick response. If someone has any insight, I would appreciate any input. I call everything with this bat file (saved in the same folder as the extracted MSIs): Chip, I am having the same issue.I have done this on stand alone pc with Windows XP SP2. I found the Windows Managed i Tunes client article very helpful. According to the article, If you want to specify parental control preferences that will be inherited by new user accounts, these can be created under the following key: ■HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Apple Computer, Inc.\i Tunes\Parental Controls\Default\ So I created the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Apple Computer, Inc.\i Tunes\Parental Controls\Default\Admin Flags I then added these 3 DWORD valules to the Admin Flags key (as detailed in the Windows Managed i Tunes Client article): k Parental Flags_Locked with a hex value of 00000001 k Parental Flags_Disable Check For Updates with a hex value of 00000100 k Parental Flags_Disable Check For App Updates with a hex value of 00200000 However I'm still being prompted with the "A new version of i Tunes (10.2) is available. Whenever a new version of i Tunes is available, I am getting prompted to update.Inside this folder is an Apple Software Update entry that you should delete to permanently stop the app from popping up.When you connect an i Phone or i Pad to a computer with i Tunes and an i OS software update is available, you will be notified with a pop-up that tells you a new version of i OS is available and asks if you want to update to the new version of i OS system software.edit i using an MSI editor, for example orca and add the following registry keys in the registry table: Registry, Root, Key, Name, Value, Component_ reg01, SOFTWARE\Apple Computer, Inc.\i Tunes\Parental Controls, , ,i Tunes Default Programs Registry reg02, SOFTWARE\Apple Computer, Inc.\i Tunes\Parental Controls\Default, , ,i Tunes Default Programs Registry reg03, SOFTWARE\Apple Computer, Inc.\i Tunes\Parental Controls\Default, Admin Flags, #16777473, i Tunes Default Programs Registry Save your MSI this will set the default parental controls of the application to locked, and then disables the first use welcome screen and the check for updates fuction. Rgds, PJThe MSI called i has a property called SCHEDULE_ASUW, which I'm pretty sure stands for Schedule Apple Software Update Wizard...users cannot undo this without editing the registry. so I'm thinking giving this a value of 0 is the key to turning off updates.I am trying to package this application using vbscript.Were you able to determine how to resolve this issue?I don't know wether u had tried this but it worked for me. You come up with the value for Admin Flags by adding up the values for all the preferences you want to apply.There is a file i Tunes under C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Local Settings\Application Data\Apple Computers\i Tunes and this is managing the upates. So, in your case: [font="Courier New"]k Parental Flags_Locked = 00000001 k Parental Flags_Disable Check For Updates = 00000100 k Parental Flags_Disable Check For App Updates = 00200000 Admin Flags = 00200101 Admin Flags would then be added as a value directly under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Apple Computer, Inc.\i Tunes\Parental Controls\Default\: [font="Courier New"]REG ADD "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Apple Computer, Inc.\i Tunes\Parental Controls\Default" /v "Admin Flags" /t REG_DWORD /d 0x00200101 /f I do something very similiar to Tentacle Master. Except i rename quicktime to aaaquicktime so installs before itunes (thanks apple).


  1. Select the update it is offering you i.e. click on it, then in the Tools menu, select Ignore Selected Updates.

  2. Feb 7, 2011. Are those automatic iTunes updates really getting under your skin? I'll show you how to turn them off!

  3. May 14, 2017. The Apple Software Update kept appearing on my computer to remind me to update iTunes, QuickTime, and iCloud. I wanted to disable it, but I couldn't figure out where or how it was running. I didn't find it in my Startup folder or in the registry anywhere. Here is how you can prevent the Apple Software.

  4. Hi, this is my first post here @ Need to prevent iTunes 10.x from dislplaying the "A new version of iTunes 10.2 is available. Would you like to download it now? Is there a registry setting that I can change that will uncheck the "Check for new software updates automatically" box, that I can.

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