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Your child can do amazing things and forge an incredible career in the Air Force, but joining is a big decision and shouldn’t be made alone.

If your child aspires to join, take the time to learn about what they can expect from life in the Air Force.

It’s an incredible responsibility and can be sobering at times, but our core values work to inspire and unite us as we serve.

The Air Force is committed to excellence in everything we do, including developing the skills and careers of our Airmen.

As part of our commitment to take care of our Airmen, we provide benefits that rival any found in the civilian world.

Many new couples make the decision to live their individual lives apart from the one another while the military member is on a deployment.Q: Are you ready for the commitment the Air Force requires?Q: Why is the Air Force the best choice for you right now?Here are a few questions to get a discussion started: Q: What made you consider the Air Force? Q: Have you thought about your career path in the Air Force?Q: Where do you see yourself in the future, and how will the Air Force help you get there?You may believe you’ve met “the one” but you may end up being just “one of many” to him or her.You need to consider whether or not the two of you will remain exclusive or if you agree to date other people.Discuss your child’s goals and achievements to help them discover the path that’s right for them.When you are dating a sailor, soldier, Marine, airman or Coastie you know your military man (or woman! But do you know that this is a perilous time in your relationship too? You may receive a promotion and/ or an opportunity to relocate for work.What to expect At some point, you may have questions specific to your child’s situation or desire a more informed perspective.Our Air Force Recruiters are an extremely valuable resource for providing expert insight. Connect with us Many parents have concerns about their children being away for extended periods of time.


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