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I kissed dating goodbye synopsis

Tomb Raider crossover - Lara Croft comes to LA to investigate the death of her uncle and the disappearance of her cousin (a certain blonde Wicca) - both of whom meet up with a runaway slayer.Whilst in Sunnydale an ancient and powerful evil is reborn in the body of a former ally.

However, after discovering a deadly plot to bring a powerful demon to the world, it appears that Buffy and the Scoobies must work with Faith and her friends, Angel, Cordelia, Wes and Gunn. "I'll take that as a yes, then."Set after season 6.This first story, in a series of five, is set after a revised 'Family' where Tara leaves.Faith's dreams are haunted by her past, while Giles and Spike's past comes to Sunnydale and threatens to bring change and horror to the Scoobies, in the form of two warring vampires.A girl named Buffy Summers arrives in Sunnydale, CA, looking for a fresh start.She doesn't know what to expect, but soon finds out that not knowing what to expect in Sunnydale can be a wonderful thing, as long as she doesn't mind facing death on a regular basis that is...Set post-Enemies, Buffy slept with Faith after the Bad Girls club scene, and is now dealing with the ramifications now that Faith has killed someone and joined the side of the Big Bad.Faith breaks into Buffy's room while she's sleeping, and a confrontation ensues. Angel crossover - AU set in season 8 Buffy comics (no spoilers other than location). This is set as post re-insoulment, with the goodbye set for the morning after. Willow and Fred stay up late talking about spells and magick. One of the fundamental forces of drama, and a key component in Heartwarming Moments.Love comes in many forms, but this index lists virtually all tropes concerning the most recognizable form, romantic love.


  1. An index page listing Love Tropes content. Ah, love. One of the fundamental forces of drama, and a key component in Heartwarming Moments. Love comes in.

  2. Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson. Embracing the Sun PG-13 Beka/Trance No synopsis given. Complete. John O'Connor. Welcome Aboard, Beka Valentine 15 Beka.

  3. The monologues below are originals written by me. All are available royalty free for your use in auditions, school performances, skits, etc. Please do.

  4. Synopsis. Big Nate follows the adventures and misadventures of Nate Wright, a spirited and rebellious sixth-grader, along with his classmates and teachers.

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