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Infrared wireless port when updating

ADB-to-PS/2 adapters were always extraordinarily rare, while the early years of Apple's transition to USB brought with it a raft of popular USB-to-ADB adapters.Apple's first mice used a DE-9 connection carrying quadrature signals.

The rubber ball tracking mechanism was updated with a solid-state optical system, and its single button was moved out of sight to the bottom of the mouse.Mechanically, the Lisa's steel ball was replaced by a rubber covered steel ball, but otherwise connected with the same DE-9 connectors, though updated with a square-shape and standard thumb screws.When the Macintosh Plus debuted in 1986, Apple had made minor revisions to the mouse mechanism and across all product lines, unified the cable connectors and used a more rounded shape.Included with the Lisa system in 1983, it was based on the mouse used in the 1970s on the Alto computer at Xerox PARC.Unique to this mouse was the use of a steel ball, instead of the usual rubber found in subsequent and modern mice.Every single aspect of the mouse was researched and developed, from how many buttons to include, to how loud the click should be.The original case design was Bill Dresselhaus's and took on an almost Art Deco flavor with its formal curving lines to coordinate with the Lisa.All mice made by Apple contained a ball-tracking control mechanism until 2000, when Apple introduced optical LED-based control mechanisms. In 1979, Apple was planning a business computer and arranged a visit with Xerox Parc research center to view some of their experimental technology.It was there they discovered the mouse, invented by Douglas Engelbart while he was working at SRI International (SRI); the mouse had subsequently been incorporated into the graphical user interface (GUI) used on the Xerox Alto.With the design complete, the operating system was adapted to interface with the single button design using keystrokes in combination with button clicks to recreate some of the features desired from the original Xerox three-button design.With the single button mouse design established for almost 25 years, the history of the Apple Mouse is basically a museum of design and ergonomics.


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