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Hope to hear from any of you fellow sufferers soon! I have severe DGD at l5-s1, si joint dysfunction, piriformis syndrome, hypermobility disorder (my thigh bones dislocate from hip s ocket) I was a mess and have been out on disability on & off for years. I plan on buying my own mat if this works as well as I feel it will.

I've been doing PEMF therapy for 4 weeks and my pain has been reduced by about half!! There are mats for 3-5k but there are fakes out there so watch out.

I think I'll be drug free and practically pain free in another month or so, And it's non invasive. Find a good chiro who will do the same for you as mine did. I may have been born with this, but because I have never felt pain, I have never felt the need to have an x-ray until last year.

He's Matt Colman at Hayes Valley Wellness and he's been my savior. (Warning this is long and kinda ranty) First I am so sorry to hear you struggles and pain. I hate to be the fellow sufferer, but yet here I am. Last February, I started having leg pain in my left leg while walking only. I could hardly walk a block with out my leg feeling like it was breaking.

In December I was diagnosed with spondylolithesis L5/S1, degeneration of 2 discs and a herniated disc between L4/L5.

I also have Pars defect and spinal stenosis on both the left and right hand sides.

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My neurosurgeon said he will operate but only as a last resort due to the complications and he basically said it was a very nasty operation.

I know with higher grades 2/3 you are told to stay away from them. in 48 hours the next day expecially if you are not aggravating the disks by lifting or pushing any weight. see if the pain does not come back If you are in pain and not sleeping well seek out the Neurosurgeon asap. get a top rated hospital in checkbook magazine with doctors that have the most mentions and recommendation. So I have been to see a private physio after asking my GP about a chiropractor and being warned off straight away!!

My old job many of my clients where chiropractors and they all said that a good chiropractor will not work on my back. young living oils will help so call them and get oregano oils for infections and so many others. I had started getting more symptoms in my arms and shooting pains through into my fingers when going to pick anything up.

I am a 3rd year Ph D student and have now been off work/studying for over 5 months, I struggle to sit stand or walk far.

The only way I can get comfortable is lying on either side.


  1. Hi all. Well seen as I have just joined this group I guess I should start by telling my story of how I got here. Any advice or anyone who wants to chat who are going through the same as me would be much appreciated. I woke up one Sunday morning last September 2011 and an hour later I could hardly.

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