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The Marais family coat of arms is described as "Azure, a chain sable fesswise, in chief a crescent reversed and a base of two hills vert" - Pama, Heraldry of South African Families, page 53, depicted on Plate 18, no 280, of the Bell Krynauw Collection.

It dates back to Charles Marais of the farm Plasir de Merle, who arrived in the Cape in 1688, and was "murdered by a Hottentot on the farm in 1689".

The knives have an engraved family crest, an eagle sable preying on a partridge, under an Earl's crown, with 5 pearls.

This is the family crest of the Earls of Onslow, the first Earl George Onslow died in 1814 so we assume these knives were made for Thomas Onslow, when he became the 2nd Earl Onslow.

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Moses Brent was freed in 1770 as a haft-maker, he worked until 1817.

The hoard dates from 400 AD, and consisted of 160 pieces, mostly cut up ready for melting.

William Brook was the silversmith involved in conserving and...

A rare surviving set of 6 Georgian silver table knives, in the Fiddle Thread and Shell pattern, with silver as opposed to steel blades.

The knives are in remarkable condition and are suitable for use.


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