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In drive thru (only one there in whole store), told to wait to order…7 min later, gave order of 10 burgers, med fry and med sprite. I called spoke with the manager and left my name so my burgers could be replaced upon my next visit.

I returned to White Castle 1 week later and placed my usual and gave my name and the managers name that agreed to replace my burgers that I didn’t receive the previous week. Reply No white castles in my area upstate NY , grew up in Queens NY lived on WC burgers as a young man now I get my WC burgers at SAMs Club .

So main part of this story is I got fired last Sat after 8 years no talk no discussion not even a offer to be a team member. Would LOVE to see you again Reply Hi , I want to know why u not in Georgia to have a White Castle here in Bremen ga .family love them up north if they any way u guys can bring this Great Hambuger place to Georgia plz do .r they any way some one start a bussiness us your hambuger me know ..

I asked how come he said cause of the last 2 times I called in for work which I did everything right 2 hours before shift and I had doctor notes. Reply I am interested in working for White Castle’s store #17 on Kenny and Henderson Roads in Columbus, Ohio.

I order and my hamburgers were raw, french were cold too much salt and their soft drinks very bad, I went to the clerk for an even exchange without no avail, he was very rude, vulgar language speaking in Spanish with co-workers stating these “white people” want things their way, that’s racism. And that will be noted in their stores would loose customers and perhaps do a better job… Please consider it, my business alone will be enough to make it profitable. Reply i’m interested in bringing a white castle to cedar rapids,iowa and des moines,iowa..i would like to know what i need to do to purchase a white castle and make this happen..please contact me asap…i will pay all costs. I wish I had never quit my other job to come to White Castles.

I have to work as any other person very hard to be treated this way. thank you…believe in white castles and the hopes on bringing it to the iowa area Reply This is the 2nd time I went thru the white castle in Cindy at the location Harrison and Boudinot ave within a 3 week period, and they serve me a breakfast sandwich with cheese that I cannot have, I made a 1st complaint with the management team (Jessica) and she was for sure it would not happen again, then on 1-10-17 I go thru the drive thru again and here it happen again.I went to get back in my car to take the sandwich back like I did before and the lady who made my sandwich told me she did it and that she was waiting on me to come back.u freaking serious, as tho it was a joke which she was laughing at that time she suppose to be a lead…I didn’t think it was funny I can’t have cheese I’m allergic to it…but the manager Jessica didn’t see nothing wrong and defended her to the fullest…now this done happen twice, it can’t happen no more or a law suit will be inaffect…they do not pay attention to making folks order..anybody can have some kind of reaction to food now days.now I’m going up and beyond the manager Jessica…something needs to be done….. BUNKLEY Reply And don’t call their corporate office it’s a game, their clerks are rude and vulgar. White Castle’s tell you to to follow rules as corporate lays out for you yet when you do they fire you. I watched Undercover Boss episode…you are CHEAP…CHEAP…CHEAP…don’t you take care of the people that make you all wealthy??

Please if any of you upper management see and can help me out a little please don’t let the gm and his wife and the rest of the family work together it’s so unfair to all the hard workers that actually earn there job. Please help me thank you Reply I just want to say I miss white castle, I’m in Michigan and I moved more north of where I lived so we don’t have a white castle near us. In 1986, the company expands outside the US with a franchise in Japan. In 1979, the first drive thru restaurant opens in Indianapolis.I may check back in two or three months but as of right now, We are done white castle, really sorry about tha spoiled good memories and good burgers. Reply I have visited white castle on natural bridge and 170 in stlouis county.Bye Reply I’ve worked at White Castle 4 years ago for 6 months . The managers there are very rude, you have a older blonde black lady, whom always are always yelling at employees, and the other younger tall black lady whom never ever smile and never says thanks..Reply my daughter works at one of your stores and just because she is trying to better herself going to school for nursing. Which that wasn’t far to a lot of team members and they were there longer and actually worked for it.It’s like he’s trying to get his whole family in there and everyone else out.The manager rudely told me that since I “failed” to return within 48 hours to get my replacement burgers I was no longer entitle to the burgers that I paid for. Can someone please explain to me how I “failed” to do my part in this situation? Walmart, Mc Donald, DQ, Pizza Hut, Bo, and alot more have move in this area over the last year. The traffic in this area has double in the last two years and will double in the next two years. My complaint is why no pickles and the time on package of 35 seconds on high needs to be at least one minute plus Thank You James Kelly Reply Hi my name is Dana I’ve been a manager for 8 years at white castle.After Thursday night sports White Castle was the simplest food to pick up for the family on the way home but since it my responsibility to get my order accurate, I think I’ll go somewhere else where the workers are held to a higher accountability. Reply Hi I have a child that works at white castle in st louis mo 63134 and he is 16 years old he is still in high school and he is worked like he is a grown man he works 6 days a week he gets out of school at and does not get home till 3 and he has to be at work at and he told his manager that is cutting it close then he does not get off till 10 r so that gives him no time for homework or studies he has told his manager a million times he also can get off at a certain time and they still will not let him got till like 15 20 even 30 after that time on school nights, if he works 8 hours or longer he does not get a break he works every weekend even if he puts in for time off he never gets it and he talks and tell the assistant gm that makes the schedule and she does not care she still does what she wants to do, My son does not want me to step in and interfere but this is a concern that this company works these kids that or still in school like they do and it’s not just my son it is other kids also, not to mention the assistant gm is rude to her workers and everyone else. I live off of Northfield Blvd which is about 4 miles away. The area I am talking about North of Murfreesbor on Memorial Blvd (Hwy 231). At first it was a great place to work but then we got a new boss.My son is at work when scheduled he is there on time he does not call in even when was very sick he still went because he was told that they needed him he does what he is told he does not do no call no shows like other people there when they need him he is there for them. The only White Castle store you have is at Thompson Ln and Old Fort Pkwy. I’ve always heard husbands wifes pretty much any family aren’t suppose to work together because of favoritism.I never thought that a company so big would be so bad to work for. and schedules her 9-10 hours at a time making sure she works till way past midnight, as a father i dont want to interfere however i think bad form on some manager whos been there 30 yrs making it more stressful for a young person wanting a better life for themselves. Well my main boss Tim has his wife 1 brother and 2 sisters and a nephew all working there and all he walks around talking about is how he’s promoting his wife to manager next after being there for only a few months.


  1. White Castle was founded in 1921 by E. W. Ingram and Walter Anderson in Wichita, Kansas. In 1924, they incorporate the company as White Castle System of Eating Houses.

  2. In 1847 Michigan became the first English speaking territory in the world to abolish the death penalty. In 2002 Marvin Gabrion was sentenced to death for the murder.

  3. Compiled by Prof. Wesley Edward Arnold MA. With thanks to the help of many folks to told me their memories. References and credits are being added.

  4. Jonathan Schmitz, 47, was photographed exclusively by enjoying his second full day of liberty visiting a car insurance agent in his hometown of Lapeer, MI.

  5. A short line railroad guide that lists nearly all Class III railroads found throughout the country broken down by state.

  6. Lansing / ˈ l æ n s ɪ ŋ / is the capital of the U. S. state of Michigan. It is mostly in Ingham County, although portions of the city extend west into Eaton County.

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