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Shrouded in tall tales, dark secrets, and claims of hauntings, these tunnels play host to tours that take you through less-than-savory moments in the city’s history.

Learn the truths (and gross exaggerations) that have made these tunnels both famous and infamous.

Goodwill Industries of Columbia Willamette processes roughly 106140 TONS of donations a year, which is where this thrifter’s dream comes in.

Sift through countless bins of electronics, clothing, oddities, and other treasures for sale at rock-bottom prices.

Calm your nerves with one of their signature ice cream sundaes afterwards as you reflect on the X-Files-style experience.

Okay, so this one technically isn’t in Portland: but Milwaukie is just a 15-minute drive from downtown.

This colossal toy museum appeals to both children and children at heart and features one of the finest collections of antique mechanical banks and die-cast toys in existence.

Established in 1947, this Portland institution has been a part of the city’s unique character for centuries, initially as horse drawn carriage stop in the late 1800s as the Chat-n-Nibble.

Now you can spot the grand neon sign from a distance, luring patrons in for tall frozen drinks and an endless list of karaoke favorites.

Take your love of racing video games and mingle it with the nostalgia of soap box derbies with the Portland Adult Soap Box Derby.

Held at the end of August every year, this event brings dreamers, engineers, and daredevils into the same arena and sends them flying down the hills around Mt. Bolstering camaraderie through teamwork, science, and a bit of silliness, this is an event you won’t soon forget!


  1. Jan 8, 2018. In case you haven't heard, Oregon is this magical U. S. State with a ton of surprising landscapes and is home to the city of Portland and legalized marijuana. That being said, if you are hoping to visit Oregon and already live in a place where the cost of living is higher than Oregon, you will enjoy a price cut!

  2. Jul 24, 2017. “Keep Portland Weird” has become Portland, Oregon's unofficial battle cry. Originally intended to help promote local businesses, the slogan soon found its way into the wide array of catchphrases and bumper stickers! and fueled the fire of everything that makes Portland amazingly unique. If you're.

  3. Bike bugling, bedazzling, adult summer camp directing and chalk muraling are just a few of the things that keep Alex Simon busy. We chat, bike and ride a. Powered Talk Show! We meet up with Anna Brones, author of The Culinary Cyclist, to chat about her new book in front of a live audience at Portland's Mission Theater.

  4. Thanks to and KXL News for featuring Keep Oregon Well this weekend on Speaking Freely and inviting us to chat about our upcoming Black And Gold Gala, happening May 12th at The Nines, A Luxury Collection Hotel, in Portland! Read More · Advocacy, Behavioral Health, Black and Gold Gala, Community, Fight.

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