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Why jerk off alone when you can join in with a hot guy (or guys! Best of all, there are guys to suit every mood and taste, whether you like your guys young or old, chubby or skinny, ethnic or white, hairy or smooth...you'll find the cock you're looking for! Do heterosexual men ever masturbate and jerking off together? Jacking with another guy is certainly one of my fantasies, whether playing with ourselves or each other.

I love wearing leggings or other tight/sexy women's clothes. I'm interested in meeting people, and I'm not much for lots of email and chat. Although I do like women, I really love bi guys and have developed quite a fetish for them. I have meet the most awesome people that I have ever met in my life on this site. Jo Hug Kiss For those interested, have some guys who get together to watch some football, drink a few beers, and then get down to some jacking after the game (or for some halftime fun). Most folks want to get to know you before they lay down.... Believe me there are SO MANY GREAT PEOPLE IN THE CHAT ROOMS!!!! Eventually, we compared sized by putting our cocks together. We had a really good time there watching other couples fucking including watching a "shy" woman doing three men, and being watched ourselves including a threesome with a bi male. David & Marie Flirting I agree fliriting can be a good ice breaker. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota married bi-sexual female looking for BI=SEXUAL FEMALE/BI CURIOUS FEMALE FOR FRIENDS //WITH SEXUAL BENEFITS...

shall recieve....planning for the first weekend in JUne. Plenty of planning time, so lets get this ball rolling and make this happen, and even an anal, oops, annual event !!! Those who are in the room also feel more comfortable knowing who they are talking too. So if you are reading, please take a second and post a reply. Hug Alright Missing my first words of advice is to finish your profile.... One of the biggest keys here is information...all want to know who we are potentially going to be friends and possibly playmates with. It gives others a little more to make decisions with. I understand the discretion factor, but you ALWAYS have the option to keep the pictures in the pin protected folder. My wife is normally either off some where with her boyfriend or doing something else so she doesn’t go into them that much with me. Picture Trading I definetly like trading sexy nude pics here and elsewhere.

Basically, we all get together, get some rooms, do some gambling ( In the Casinos) then head to the rooms for the sure bets !! Video chat with individuals would be a great idea, I do not care much for video chat rooms, If you make contact with someone and you could see and talk to them it would help determin who is being truthful and who IS NOT,on this and other sites there IS a LOT of who IS NOTS. We know that we get very frutrated having to tell the chat rooms over and over again who is on. There are truly some great people on this sight!!!! It is really hard to find real people in there talking especially women; they are extremely rare when I am in there.

At that point both of the blowjob experts were sucking me off through the same hole! ) and blew one of my huge loads in one guys mouth and on the other guys face. They kept licking me so long that I had to back away so I wouldn't fall over.

Anyway, if you are in Seattle don't be shy about the bath houses on Pike because you may find some great cocksuckers.


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