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With obvious tension in the room, Spencer confronts Andy and Lucy over playing Jamie leading to a huge argument at the dinner table.

Francis gets increasingly jealous after seeing Sophia and Proudlock together.

Jamie finds out that Lucy has been seeing other men behind his and Andy’s back, and tells others about it, and he faces her wrath when she confronts him about spreading lies.

Stevie feels bad after seeing how hurt Proudlock is over the Sophia situation.

Binky is still left confused by Jamie as he refuses to make any effort with her.

Elsewhere, back in Chelsea, Richard shows off his new girlfriend Ianthe, and Ollie decides to change his lifestyle and even gets his hair cut.

At Jamie’s flat warming party, Spencer interrupts an innocent chat between Andy and Louise and goes off the rails, and Jamie attempts to ask Binky out but is beaten by his old uni friend Sam.

When Millie and Victoria bump into each other on the street they exchange harsh words, and Victoria is disappointed that Rosie didn’t stick up for her.

Jamie has an awkward conversation with Binky’s mum and realises he needs to clear the air with her daughter.


  1. Criminally underused due to his delicacy about indulging in on-screen relationships, never-the-less, a scene without Mark is like a scene without

  2. Made in Chelsea favourite Mark Francis Vandelli has claimed he was forced to move house after fans on a tour. Dating The. Made in Chelsea Mark Francis.

  3. So whatever did happen to that likely lad, the sprinter with the double-barrelled name and the shotgun blast of speed? Mark Lewis-Francis is sitting in a corner of.

  4. Made in Chelsea star Mark-Francis Vandelli will embark on a tour of the UK, taking in its party scene. Celebs Go Dating's London just called her date "basic"

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