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Anonymous: Comic Wrong; It's not about the holocaust, it's about keeping another tribal state in that whole fucking region of mini tribes from developing the technology to destroy the whole fucking region. they do fail in africa, where most of the kids die at young age, but in western civilizations, they are backed by the white people's social systems. What isn't true though is the intimation that the inhabitants of Africa never built anything enduring in the physical sense. All the brothers be needin is the koran and faith in allah. No need to communicate over long distances, let alone travel. That relitard business is a later invention (from around the year 650). Current keeps the jaw muscles contracted so it can’t let go while it’s little brain slowly fries. Anonymous: my dick is hard and I would shove it in his ass hard and deep and I would reach around and jack him off and when he cums.....Every asshole in the area blames Israel for the horrible shit that's going down in their country, so that's what Israel is; a convenient scapegoat. They did and there is a lot of archaeology to prove it. Earlier they peacefully worshiped nature "gods." Equally stupid, though. Not quite the same as trying to screw a lamp socket. a place where lies are told to ignorant retards, children raped, and money stolen under all kinds of false pretences. I would pull out and make him cum all over my dick as I was cumming all over his!!!!!!!! with poo on him.: muhammed sucks pig dicks, eats bacon dipped in pig feces. You 3rd world country rag headed child molesting cockless faggots. Anonymous: the muslim obama is helping these animals with your tax dollars and with your children's money since the chimp is borrowing from china to finance the "arab animal spring" and its muslim brotherhood family. not blame people, fuck up the people, peace so amazing. ): i'm so glad that i at least have enough freedom left to tell you ragheaded fuckers that muhammed was struck down when a drone travelled back in time& caught him fucking a goat, simultaneously getting fucked by a pig, all the while being ridiculed by a dominate mother-in-law in a hellish dust pit surrounded by a forrest of burning korans.getting it right just depends on buying the more elaborate research and the raw available on the black market and already in everybody's possession I'm sure. : @Shitskinkiller Wikipedia is written and edied by and passing fancy. But, rather than start a wikiwar, I simply stated the fact (I am lazy) Using the Torah as source of infomation (since the Torah has been unchanged for so long,) we see that although the Arab and Jew would apear similar, they in fact are different. They didn’t have birth control, but, they did have death control. She asks you to give her a ride home, then she asks you in for a "coffee", then she kisses you and says "let's go upstairs", then you take her clothes off... Anonymous: Bubble, I love to lick pussy, but I have to really fancy - even love - the owner of the pussy I am kissing to make it really good!

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Ever notice how the Muslem world can't produce anything.

Anonymous: ^^^^^Anon:the technology is already developed retard. Anonymous: Accurate now, after the colonial powers "taught" (=forced) them to collect the diamonds, farm their land, cut the rain forests down for timber and hunting the animals to near extinction. Anonymous: ^If whitey hadn’t taught them to do the things you despise there would be millions less of them. If you're dumb enough to walk around in its hiding place, serves you right what's coming to you! Anonymous: Paradise Galleries Lifelike Toddler Great to Reborn Baby Doll, Beary Cute, Girl Doll Crafted in Soft Vinyl and Weighted Body, 21 inch https:// my dick is soooooo hard right now I could almost cum!!!!!!

I learned how to make an atom bomb or a nuclear reactor in school! Hunter-gatherer tribes live in peace with the rest of their environment and only take what they need. Agriculture feeds a hell of a lot more people than hunt / gather. psc=1&pd_rd_i=B00D1MZUFO&pd_rd_wg=Y5op8&pd_rd_r=N3MPVBNJ31CKY559KEQV&pd_rd_w=g R9f1: So you spend all night chatting her up, buying her drinks, telling her jokes. A homosexual virgin: Way to be a dick, don't you have any respect for religion? It's shaved poverty down, dangled heaven right in front of us, and spread good around the world. : true, but being a women and just having to strip infront of a mirror and play with mysef is enough, this is easyer to use as well, each to their own i guess i thort i hadnt seen you on here for a bit.

If these people had and understood freedom then you wouldn't see this shit!! Like all religions, it only thrives in a society of ignorance. I am wondering how I may be notified whenever a new post has been made. I am intrigued, I make bold you are an expert on this subject.

Muhammed also likes to stick his tongue up his gay lovers asshole. Anonymous: Why would you want to irradicate freedom? so don't ever make peace of yourself killed: Ha, Islam can't dominate the world. I genuinely love how it is easy on my eyes and also the facts are well written. Your writing manner is charming and the way you embraced the topic with grace is notable.


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