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Nigeria blackberry dating

Kaladoshas: Next question please (Laughs) that topic makes me very uncomfortable cause I hate to think about the unfairness that was showcased. PTL: No hard feelings about it Kaladoshas: Not really having a flu would get to me more than what happened. Speaking of awards, what’s your principle about them?

Would it be bad if you never win one during your whole career?

Kaladoshas: I don’t really understand the criteria used for awards but for me personally seeing the Zambian music industry grow into an industry that can compete on any platform and seeing younger people like me that never had an opportunity to do music have that opportunity would be the biggest award for me cause I would know that I contributed somewhere.

Individual praises and those kind of those things don’t really move me, am more of a team player.

Kaladoshas: Possibly the fact that we have a song together that’s doing very well and just have a good artistic chemistry PTL: There are rumors swirling that Cleo and you are dating, can you confirm if this is true or not?

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Kaladoshas: Shom C is a genius and what I appreciate more about him is humility and professionalism.Am dropping the best zambian video ever next year and it will not be the “arguably” the best (Laughs) jokes PTL: Ooooookay!!! Obviously you can say much about it now but tell us what you can Kaladoshas: Just one hint, its going to have the mrs in it *wink*. But again talent ilipo so that’s the main thing (Laughs) Zambians and everyone in general appreciates quality and that’s what Kaladoshas is about quality sound, picture, image and performance.“The One” PTL: Who in the industry has supported you on your way up?PTL: Tell us about the features on the record Kaladoshas: Only Petersen and Cleo Ice Queen feature on this album PTL: We imagine that’s a deliberate move, why so?Kaladoshas: Just wanted to showcase my individual skill and talent and not use anyone to get to the top PTL: Does the album have a title?Kaladoshas: The Zambian Media have given me the greatest help, radio, TV, clubs and just generally people that have circulated my music around to people through social media etc.PTL: Speaking of the media, you had a run in with the born n’ bred awards, your video was taken off the list of nominees on the actual day after months of advertising, tell us how you reacted to that and have you been given an explanation as to why that happened?A friend whose farms is located in Oke Odan in Ogun state hit cucumber jackpot on day with one hectare, he harvested 60 bags and sold each bag for N3000, and he harvested the cucumber five(5) times but the 60 bags was the peak.PRODUCTION Cucumber requires flat land with loamy soil for optimum production the land should be plowed, harrowed and free of debris of previous crops.


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