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Lt Robert Sung and Det Yatyu Yam were both accused of taking payments in exchange for advance warning to karaoke club owners in Flushing, Queens, about police raids.

Whistleblower, Sgt Steven Lee (left), has claimed that Lt Robert Sung (right) allegedly planned to frame a commanding officer for rape in an attempt to cover up the 2015 karaoke bar bribery scandal in Queens At the time, they were suspended but eventually reinstated to the force.

“The first two cops (Pantaleo and Damico) didn’t engage Garner ... Do something to put him at ease.” A sergeant caught standing nearby in the video could be nailed for “failure to supervise,” the source said. “There is no justification at all on this chokehold,” he said.

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Pantaleo, an eight-year veteran, was placed on modified duty Saturday as cops and the Staten Island district attorney investigated the case.

Officer Justin Damico, on the force four years, was also pulled off the street — but he was not forced to turn in his badge or his weapon. Another source said the likely cause of death will be a heart attack, although other actions — including the illegal takedown of Garner — “will probably go down as contributing factors.” The city’s medical examiner would not confirm the preliminary findings.

Outside Damico’s home Saturday, an infuriated woman screamed at reporters. Either way, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton was irate after getting a look at a video from the Thursday afternoon tragedy near the Staten Island ferry terminal, another source said.

“They lose their license, not their lives.” Garner’s rap sheet includes 31 arrests dating to his first at age 16, cops said.

An officer of the NYPD allegedly planned to frame another officer for rape in an attempt to cover up the 2015 karaoke bar bribery scandal, according to a police sergeant.


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