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Online chatrooms erotic role play

They were originally part of that sites GM team and they got BANNED PROOF:

1 Point is, this GM team is consistent of loser trash from other RP sites that failed as GMs on good sites, so they fail as GMs on a bad site now.

I honestly wish I could be able to return and chat with everyone I have come to meet and enjoy being around.

My record isn't clean but I enjoy Rping and in chat I have been mostly quiet only interacting every so often.

There is just so much wrong in this place that I could write forever.

As another person stated, nothing is private but that is plainly laid out in the rules which you are able to read before you even join.He also reads everyone's PM's therefore going against the very idea of Private Message.Like all of these RP sites the Admin will then bemoan that not enough people use it and how he can't keep it all going blah blah blah The answer is the same as always, people walk away from these sites because of the management and the stupid power games they play.Things aren't as they used to be since I got banned and I want to apologize for my actions and everything though i know no one will probably read this or anything.It is a great site and I really wish I could return because I have learned my lesson from being banned from there and House Elysium which is a quiet site since the Chat there is inactive.But.well..would love to return and keep RPing with those I have RP's with which will never be continued. Bullshit because I wasn't given a chance to get better and I would get better if I was able to return.I find with House Eros that that the people are really fun and willing to work with you.Fantastic RP site, there is so many different categories for the different person that likes whatever.Good very strict mods that put up with alot of crap and the owner is wonderful.There is always the added plus that moderators are active and that you can trust that you are playing with people of age. I ended up having my account deleted when it became obvious that staff are very selective about enforcing rules, I was doing things many others do and then all of a sudden I started getting harassed because I have broken some rule. And by rules I mean having more than one request thread, using the wrong kink list.The people are nice and there are a wide range of kinks and a fair set up for request threads. These are things I did from day one and then a year later all of a sudden it's a problem.


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